Road to success
From registration to rewards.
You attract clients to TeleTrade using referral links that contain your partner ID. Your ID “sticks” to the client you referred. You become an agent and the referred client becomes a referral.
The company pays you a tiered agency commission:

for attracting

for deposit by a referral

for a referral's trading activity

Step-by-step instructions
Become an agent:
  • register a personal account at and open an agency account;
  • get a partner ID (the same as your Personal account ID).
Explore partner tools and company products.
Attract clients using affiliate tools:
  • referral link generator for sending via messengers;
  • banners to drive your referrals to specific company products;
  • daily posts and promotional posts that you can post on your social networks;

or your own methods, but be sure to use a referral link.

Get rewarded for the engagement and activity of your referrals. The list and activity can be tracked in the agent's Personal Area.
Withdraw your winnings conveniently.
Enjoy your life.
Why everyone can make money with CPA marketing?

Low entry threshold

You don't need any special knowledge or large investments to get started. The key is a willingness to learn and a willingness to work.

Flexible and transparent payment model

The company pays the agent 100% of the client's first deposit, and further on a permanent basis 10% of the spread and commissions.

Extensive promotional opportunities

You can use different methods to attract traffic, from social media to blogs to paid advertising campaigns.

Support and training

TeleTrade provides its partners with a wide range of engagement materials and support to make it easy to dive into the process.

Client engagement strategy
Audience segmentation

To effectively attract clients, you need to know who you're reaching out to:


Those who are just starting their journey in forex trading. They need training materials and demo accounts.

Experienced traders

Those who are already familiar with the market and are looking for a reliable broker with good conditions.


Those looking for passive income opportunities, for example through copying the professional trades.

TeleTrade has products that will suit every segment of the target audience.
Creating an attractive offer

TeleTrade promotions and bonuses

Present special promotions or bonuses when you sign up or top up your account.

Analytics and signals

Your clients will receive the most up-to-date information on the financial markets from us.

Demo account

Tell us about the opportunity to start trading without risk on a TeleTrade demo account.

Synchronous Trading

A service that allows investors to earn money on the foreign exchange market by copying the trades of experienced traders.

Free promotion of offers in social networks and messengers

Creating a group or community

Create a social media group (e.g. in Facebook) where you share useful information about forex, TeleTrade news and your experiences.

Social media postings

Regularly publish interesting and useful materials, as well as TeleTrade promotions and offers.

Participate in discussions

Join forex communities and actively participate in discussions recommending TeleTrade as a reliable broker.

Messengers (e.g. Telegram)

Create a channel in Telegram where you will publish analytics, news and trading signals. It's a great way to get your audience's attention and trust.

Webinars and Q&A sessions

Organise free webinars or Q&A sessions where you discuss current topics and talk about the benefits of working with TeleTrade. This will help build rapport with the audience and answer their questions.

Using hashtags and participating in Challenges


Use popular and relevant hashtags in your posts. For example, #forex, #trading, #TeleTrade, etc.


Organise or take part in a forex related challenge. This could be, for example, a challenge for the best market forecast.

Start now!

Your success is up to you.

Don't expect any gifts from fate. Unless you take action yourself, success will not come. Only hard work will get you to your goal. Luck loves the brave. Ready to try something new?

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